98 Passat

Joshua Van Tol josh at spiny.com
Thu Jul 24 22:31:02 EDT 2003

We are looking at purchasing a '98 Passat 5-speed with the 30 valve V6
engine.  I've been doing some research online and there seems to be
very mixed opinions with this car- love or hate and not much in
between.  There seem to be a lot of stories about broken window
winders, broken sunroofs, worn out suspension parts, etc, and all at
relatively low milages

The timing belt (at 88k) most likely has not been serviced, and it
looks like about $300 in parts to do that. Any other big gotchas to
look out for? Are the cars really as bad as some of the online reviews
make them out to be, or are those just former camry owners whining
about slightly higher repair costs?

So, any direct experience out there? Is the '98 Passat a total lemon or
are they okay cars?


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