NAC: Nigerian Scam

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Fri Jul 25 14:40:03 EDT 2003

Hey Guys,
We just had a thread on this not to long back.
I deal with TONS of these as I am a banker by trade.
 Keep in mind.
1) Once you engage them in conversation they will never leave
you alone.
2) They are getting very creative.  Now they are buying cars
with bad Cashiers checks that will bounce.  BE WARY
3) Once you engage and your Acct is listed with the Secret
Service you will ALWAYS be watched by the Feds and the Banks.
Its not worth risking anythign to even toy with these guys.  The
secret service of the US is in charge of not only protecting the
President but protecting the Currency.  They are very involved
in watching these scams.
4) If you are involved in one of these scams, even as an
innocent party, some Banks may refuse to do business with you at
all in the future as you are now listed as "High Risk".

Just an FYI,

--- ScottyCBoy at wrote:
> What happens is that when you give them your routing
> information they remove money from your account. I get 2-3 of
> these a month all stating different scenarios, so and so died
> and left money, or we are trying to screw somebody and need to
> get the money out of the country. I have always contemplated
> to give them the routing information of an account that is
> completely empty and see what happens but then the account
> holder must pay all the NSF fee's.
> Scott
> Oh there has been an estimated 400 million dollars going to
> scams like these. I've also read that several people have gone
> to Nigeria to retrieve their money , and havn't returned..

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