so close but now even further... GOT IT, well almost

luke maytagasm at
Sat Jul 26 19:12:09 EDT 2003

I GOT THE BUSHING!!!!!!!!!!!
ok... the one in the tranny needs to be there or the bolt will flop
around... it doesnt look like it but its at least 2" long in
a hole. i finally got the brass bushing off of the motor! i took a flathead
screwdriver and pounded it with a mini sledge
until it made a hole in it then used the screwdriver to pry it off.
there was no way it was coming off with pliers or vice grips...

now the engine went forward... but it wont go the last .5"
id like to say i know the clutch is lined up perfectly but my dad did it.
after he used the tool he had a bit of a puzzled look. i asked him "you sure
its perfect?"
"ya im sure its perfect" he said
if thats the case ill only have one parent soon.
good thing hes on vacation.

thats the only thing that could be keeping it out that last .5" right?


> > yes... on on the engine... the one on the tranny doesnt look brass
> > they are both different.. the one on the engine is a brass tube...
> > the one on the tranny is a tube that goes wider at the end... profile
> >  of it is a T
> > its the brass one on the engine that has to come out
> Luke, I'm posting this back tot he list as well in case someone else can
> help you, or in case this helps someone else.
> I'd suggest, once you are certain which bushing thing needs to come out,
> that you get on it with a big pliers, or vice grips, and twist and pull
> to see if you can get it out.  A hacksaw will only remove the part that
> sticks out, and you want the one you're keeping to be able to slip in
> the hole the way it's supposed to, I think.
> This is also one of those things where a photo would tell a thousand
> words...
> >>> ok... giant pain in the behind... i just realised that the mc has
> >>>  a bushing in one of the tranny mounts and the 90's tranny has a
> >>>  different bushing in the same spot keeping my engine from going
> >>> in...
> >>
> >> do you mean those little brass insert things that go inside the
> >> bolt hole and kind of line up the holes from tranny to engine?
> --
> Huw Powell

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