Follow-Up on Idling Problems.

james accordino ssgacc at
Sun Jul 27 08:10:03 EDT 2003

I thought there was a thing about turbo or NA.  One
was normal open and one was normal closed?  Anyone
know for sure?  I was thinking about the carb cleaner
and if it can get into and damage the electrical side?
 I thought at least one post dealt with that.  Dorf
uses the same electro-mechanical solenoid for idle
duties.  ISC valve I think.  Had one since 87 on my
truck and it needs periodic cleaning in spite of fuel
injection cleaner or gasoline type.

Jim Accordino
cleaning an ISC today

--- "P.H." <rapier511 at> wrote:
> Ok, upon getting some feedback on the ISV possibly
> being the reason for the
> bad idle, I took the ISV out and cleaned it with
> carb cleaner. What is the
> correct position of the valve when no current is
> applied? I have heard that
> it should be shut w/o current, mine is open... So
> anyways, I put the ISV
> back in, tightened up all the hose clamps, etc etc.
> and attempted to crank
> the engine and, nothing. The engine refuses to
> start, even after cranking at
> different times and for various lengths of time. Any
> suggestions?
> Thanks,
> P. HEwes

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