how much pentosin would a wood chuck chuck?

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Sun Jul 27 12:03:37 EDT 2003

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Luke, I think one bottle from the dealer should do it, the system doesn't
take too much, it should be like a clear color, kindof like vegtable oil or


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> anyone know how much pentosin (goo 2000) and audi 90q takes?
> it looks like about 2 litres... but i dont want to make two trips...
> btw... says "Ideally, you should never have to add this stuff"
> but... i have the original 90q (1988 NG Canada) and its listed in
> maintanance
> under 8000k... which seems a bit crazy...
> it sure cant hurt.. thats for sure :)
> btw... ive never changed pentosin... what colour is it?
> the stuff in there was almost gunmetal colour.
> thanks
> luke
> 90tq (now with engine!)

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