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Yes, well, I wouldn't say removing the AC is going to make your car "so much
faster", that's kind of rediculous...


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> As for the A/C - no, 4 years of physics weren't wasted on me.  Well maybe
> they were, but I know F=ma as well as the next guy.  Compared to a 3174lb
> car, 41 lbs is not terribly significant.
> Lets do the math!
> 162 hp car at 3174 lbs: hp/weight ratio is .0510
> 162 hp car at 3133 lbs: hp/weight ratio is .0517
> now we plug the revised ratio back against the original weight and get a new
> hp figure of 164hp. The weight reduction would make an apparent 2 hp gain.
> Of course it will affect weight distribution, handling, and braking as well.
> I am not building a race car and I think I would rather not cook in the car.
> The reason I posted this is because of people telling me how much faster
> their car is with the A/C removed.  Of course it draws engine power when in
> use, but if you aren't using it, then there is no power robbed save the
> rotational intertia of the pulley and the belt to drive it.
> Next time I try any sort of discussion on A/C weight I am going to put the
> car on corner scales so I can address the weight distribution issue.
> Richard

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