Typ89 seats: was Removing A/C

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Sun Jul 27 22:36:30 EDT 2003

> My 80 has leather, heated seats, no power (out of a 90 quattro) they are much
> lighter and I believe will be a direct fit.

> Anything like that that would fit a 4Kq?

> I don't think so, the 4kq has a narrower track than the later T89 and up, but
> not that you couldn't make it work, just need a little fabrication.

In the type 89, power seats and manual seats use a different piece of
steel welded across the floor pan "under" the seat.  The manuals are set
up like the type 85, ie, a track full of holes on the seat bottom, and a
riser in the center on the floor that holds a pin that locks into one of
those holes.  The power seats have two feet that bolt down, on each side
of the front of the seat assembly.  Both types use identical tracks on
each side of the rear to slide in.

this shows a power seat front mount up close:


Swapping is possible, by either buying the other kind of front mount
piece or cutting one out of a donor car.  (the carpet is also cut
differently, but that's no big deal)

I have pix somewhere from when I cut out the power seat piece from a
parts car, to go with its interior that I sold to Mark Vogt, who had
manual seats.  These were later successfully installed.

The type 85 (4kq/coupe/UrQ) is similar to the manual type 89, except
that the distance between the rear tracks is a couple of inches smaller.
  So, considering that there is no excess width in the type 85 next to
those track, there is no way a type 89 seat will fit a type 85.  A type
85 seat could go in a type 89 if you can manage to set up a set of
tracks closer together at the back.

Huw Powell



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