Typ89 seats: was Removing A/C

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I hate to argue with Huw, but I've seen a CGT with Cq seats in it. I belive the owner had to heat & bend something so get it to fit in the tracks, but he did get it to work. No, it wasn't a drop in job, but the seats sure did look nice comapred to his old torn cloth CGT seats...

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> > My 80 has leather, heated seats, no power (out of a 90 quattro) they are much
> > lighter and I believe will be a direct fit.
> > Anything like that that would fit a 4Kq?
> > I don't think so, the 4kq has a narrower track than the later T89 and up, but
> > not that you couldn't make it work, just need a little fabrication.
> In the type 89, power seats and manual seats use a different piece of
> steel welded across the floor pan "under" the seat.  The manuals are set
> up like the type 85, ie, a track full of holes on the seat bottom, and a
> riser in the center on the floor that holds a pin that locks into one of
> those holes.  The power seats have two feet that bolt down, on each side
> of the front of the seat assembly.  Both types use identical tracks on
> each side of the rear to slide in.
> this shows a power seat front mount up close:
> http://www.humanspeakers.com/audi/seatmove-90.htm
> Swapping is possible, by either buying the other kind of front mount
> piece or cutting one out of a donor car.  (the carpet is also cut
> differently, but that's no big deal)
> I have pix somewhere from when I cut out the power seat piece from a
> parts car, to go with its interior that I sold to Mark Vogt, who had
> manual seats.  These were later successfully installed.
> The type 85 (4kq/coupe/UrQ) is similar to the manual type 89, except
> that the distance between the rear tracks is a couple of inches smaller.
>   So, considering that there is no excess width in the type 85 next to
> those track, there is no way a type 89 seat will fit a type 85.  A type
> 85 seat could go in a type 89 if you can manage to set up a set of
> tracks closer together at the back.
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