fuel injectors

Christo Atanasov chris at maimex.bg
Tue Jul 29 12:12:58 EDT 2003

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hi 2 all,
yesterday I removed cylinder head from my Quattro.
Yes it is way easy to remove head with Manifolds atached, and then detach
10x to all for sugestion. ;)
the bad thing - there is 0.40mm gap between cylinder wall and pistons :(
in the same time.. cylinder wall isn't scratched at all. So I think to
replace only pistons with rings (with no oversized - 81mm original) - is
this a good idea??
Is it possible to use pistons for 1.8 4 cyl VW Engine.. I think they are
with smaller face profil, so is it possible to gain some extra compression
And last question ;) How to pull out Injector seats (or shrouds or I dont
know wat is it.. but remain in cylinder head when I pull out injectors)?


'85 Quattro Coupe (HY Engine - 2.2 136PS Non Turbo);

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> I did my head a while back.  After snapping a few studs on the manifolds I
> removed the head, manifolds, turbo and exhaust pipe as a unit.
> The intake bolts can be easily removed if you remove the air filter box
> first.  I used a 3/8 drive with a short extension and an appropriate
> Allen-head socket.
> You can feel all of the bolt heads from underneath.  Remember when you put
> the intake manifold back on that the front bolt has to be inserted into
> manifold BEFORE you mount it.  I think it is impossible to get this front
> bolt in with the manifold installed due to interference.
> If you need any further help, let me know ... I had the head off FIVE
> in a week due to my own stupidity.
> Ian
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> Hi all,
> few hours ago I decide to take off cylinder head of my Audi for rebuild.
> 1-st It's realy hard to pull out injectors - is it ok?
> 2) What's the difference betwen 026 133 551 and 035 133 551 F
> 3) is it possible to unbolt Intake manifold without cleaning space with
> dismounting airfilter box first?
> regards,
> Christo
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