Oil changes was Warranty Passat

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 30 07:39:59 EDT 2003

I think like 0-30 right?  I'd love to see an oil
analysis of this stuff after 25-30k.  0-NO weight?  I
wonder if even a good synthetic will hold up that
long?  I recently ran almost 25k miles on Mobil 1 in
my 200.  I did check it carefully.  It never got black
OR thin the whole time.  I think 3k may be overkill if
you're diligent, but I guess it's better to be safe
than sorry.

Jim Accordino

--- Suffolk GameServer LAN
<suffolk.associates at verizon.net> wrote:
> Not to start a how long and type of oil thread:
> I read that several off lease A6's etc., VAG cars
> like the 30V in particular where failing due to no
> compression.
> It seems that someone posted here or at Audiworld
> that the oil change time period seems crucial due
> to the very thin weight oils used in these motors
> and the close tolerances inside the motor.
> Several of the off lease cars were just gased
> and driven without regard to the oil changes or
> service etc.
> Contributing to this "problem"
> Anyone have some concrete data regarding this?
> HTH -Scott in BOSTON
> I recently talked to the owner of a European parts
> house in Mountain View- he had been a Mercedes
> employee in Deutschland and seemed quite
> knowledgable.
> Anyhoo, he pointed out that his Volvo turbo wagon
> gets
> fresh Mobil 1 every 25,000 miles, and he's around
> 125,000 so far.

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