audi in movies

luke maytagasm at
Wed Jul 30 13:29:54 EDT 2003

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by far the best audi reference in movies i've seen
is the japanese cartoon "spirited away"
at the beginning they come accross a non maintained road
in their A4. the little girl says "we shouldnt go down there"
or something to that effect, when dad says "thats ok!
we've got AWD!!!!"
then they start flying through the woods rally style,
come to a dead end, slam on the breaks and the
car stops on a dime!
i laughed and laughed...
i think the director/writer owns one and was paying homage :)
but also poking fun at himself or someone else with the
"we an do it! we got AWD" attitude of awd car owners :)
someone who once helped me out of a snowbank said
"awd... good enough to get you really really stuck!"


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