Subject: 5K Safety Ratings 1988 vs 1989

Larry C. Leung l.leung at
Wed Jul 30 17:08:18 EDT 2003

From: "Brett Goetz" <brett.goetz at>
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Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 10:59:54 -0400
Subject: 5K Safety Ratings 1988  vs 1989

I was looking at safety ratings for my car and was suprised that there
was such a difference in driver safety ratings from one year to the next
when it's still a type 44 body.  Is it a structural difference in the
way the frame was configured, or was it the air bag?  If it was the
airbag, can you retrofit one in a 5K that does not have one?

The primary difference was the ProconTen seatbelt PreTensioner
system of cables attached to the belts and to the tranny. Of secondary
importance was the airbag. The safety ratings didn't significantly change
when airbags were added mid-year '89, although that may be because
it had already earned top rating without it. Not sure if it can easily be
fitted, although it's not too likely.



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