Replacing 4KQ Subframe bushings.... ARG!

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Jul 31 01:33:45 EDT 2003

> I was just writing an email directly to you with my problem.  The problem
> I'm having is with the Subframe bushings, not the control arm bushings.

Duh, and if I read it properly I would have known that...

> But
> hey, do you think the procedure for installing the early type CA bushings
> would work for Subframe bushings?  I'm not sure if I have enough wiggle room
> to work with on the subframe bushings, there's not a lot of rubber except
> for the lip. Hmmmmmmm.....

I did CA bushings sort of at the same time, and it was so easy I never
thought to document it.  A little vaseline and they just pushed in.  I
may have used an arbor press, since I have one, to do it though.  Maybe
the problem is that KY you were using...

Huw Powell

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