Oil leak after timing belt/crank seal job...

David duandcc_forums at cox.net
Thu Jul 31 10:23:43 EDT 2003

What kind of sealant should be used on the bolts?

> From: Kneale Brownson <knotnook at traverse.com>
> Date: 2003/07/30 Wed PM 03:00:31 EDT
> To: David <duandcc_forums at cox.net>,  quattro at audifans.com
> Subject: Re: Re: Oil leak after timing belt/crank seal job...
> At 11:37 AM 07/30/2003 -0400, David wrote:
> >I called them and they are going to take another look at it. According tot
> >he various responses I've gotten here it could be leaking from many parts:
> >
> >1. The crank seal seal, improper intallation.
> >2. Timing Belt cover bolts (holds on the oil pump to the block?), need to
> >be properly torqued to prevent oil leaks.
> >3. Alternator bracket bolts, need to be properly torqued to prevent oil leaks.
> >4. Idler Pulley bolt, need to be properly torqued to prevent oil leaks.
> >5. Cracked crank seal carier or cracked oil pump housing. Can anybody
> >confirm whether the crank seal is installed directly into the oil pump or
> >whether there is a "seal carrier" that could be the problem?
> The seal could have been installed improperly or damaged in the
> process.  Especially if their approach was to "pound it in" as you
> described earlier.
> The bolts that go into oilways are supposed to have a sealant on
> them.  They will continue to leak despite whatever "torque" one applies if
> they don't have the sealant.  These generally are all smaller bolts, so
> they should not be overtightened.
> The seal slides in between the crankshaft and the housing for the oil
> pump.  There is no seal carrier on the front of the engine.  There is a
> seal carrier on the rear, I believe.

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