still no spark

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Jul 31 16:37:57 EDT 2003

> one thing that makes me suspicious that something is hooked up wrong
> is as soon as the key goes to acc the oil pressure jumps up before the engine
> is started... what sensor sends oil pressure?
> how do i check it?

There are two senders on the side of the block, one has two pins.  The
single pin one and one of the two pins are for the oil pressure warning
system, the other pin on the two pin one is the 0-5 bar sender for the

Either your gauge is wired wrong or one of those three wires (well, two
actually) is hooked up wrong.  This should not affect spark...

You know the MC computer is set up to provide the ground for the fuel
pump relay, right (I think that's how it works)?

Huw Powell

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