S2 steering wheel on CGT

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Type 44 and Typ89 wheels are the same?! Really?! Cool! I'm already using a type44 (5000) leather wheel on my CGT. I got a great deal on it on e-bay and all I had to do was pop the center ring that has the horn button contact(hub?) out of my old CGT wheel and swap it into the 5000 wheel. I would assume that's all I should have to to to this, right?

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> Date: 2003/07/31 Thu PM 04:06:19 EDT
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> David <duandcc_forums at cox.net> wrote:
> >I have a line on a used, but very good condition non-airbag S2 sport steeri=
> >ng wheel. Hub is PN 893 064 706 b which I
> >think is for Euro S2/CQ/80/90, correct? Anybody know what, if any, modifica=
> >tions I may have to make to put this on my 87 CGT? I LOVE the look of this =
> >wheel, and really want it. Right now I have a leather wrapped wheel of a 50=
> >00 in it. I had to pop the hub out of my old stock wheel and put it on the =
> >5K wheel, but it fit perfectly. Would I have to do this to the S2 wheel? or=
> >is it a bolt on? Would my stock CGT hub even fit this wheel? Ekk! I SO wan=
> >t this wheel....
> It can be done, lister Jeroen Bruintjes has just done the same...
> The wheels for type 44 and type 89 are the same, but the type 81/85 has the
> horn contact ring and turn signal cancelling nib mounted the other way
> round. It needs some fettling, but this wheel will fit your car...
> HTH, Tom

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