still no spark

luke maytagasm at
Thu Jul 31 22:40:20 EDT 2003

javad said all tdc marks on 10v flywheels are the same...
the flywheel is from a 20v NG though (its 20v right?)
is the tdc mark on the flywheel the same?

i didnt touch it at all... timing belt is the same as it was on
the engine when it was running...
timing belt looks good so i didnt change it yet...
waiting till spring

can you guys list all the connectors which will affect ignition?
anything outside of the ecu harness?
i dont want to skip anything...
im SOOO frustrated...
thinking about taking a day off of engine work...


> Well that doesn't sound right. With the #1 cyl at TDC the cam gear mark
> should be almost spot on with the valve cover gasket. Are you SURE that
> the engine was exactly on TDC? Did you look and see the '0' flywheel
> marker lined up on the tranny? If all those TDC references are correct
> then you may be off a tooth or two on the timing belt. Did you change the
> TB and water pump on this new engine? Was this engine in a running car
> when pulled?

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