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Thu Jul 31 17:34:02 EDT 2003


I KNEW someone in Europe would know. Didn't know that the car
was before release. I guess it's agreed, 200 20 VTQ came out in '89.
(I know the film was '88)


On Thu, 31 Jul 2003 21:51:52 +0200 Tom Nas <tnas at> writes:
>   "Larry C. Leung" <l.leung at> wrote:
> >It was either a 200 Sport Body or 200 20V, not sure if it was a Q.
> If it had
> >BBS wheels, it was probably a 20VQ, with the stock BBS rims that
> came
> >with the 20V models (15 x 7.5 forged, cleared the UFO's). 20V's
> came out
> >in Europe before they did the in the US, 88 or 89. Bear in mind,
> the car
> >was European, NOT US, so the car was not a prototype. As for the
> year (the
> >movie was '88) of the first European 200 20V's, list help. Ti?
> This has been discussed before, it's The Living Daylights and the
> car was
> about a year ahead of its release. You might want to check the
> archives,
> I've checked 20v /film release dates before.
> There are two more type 44s appearing in that same film, one Avant
> and a sedan.
> Regards, Tom

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