NG fuel

Huw Powell audi at
Sun Jun 1 23:45:54 EDT 2003

>>I was trying to adjust the fuel mixture the other day because I failed

>>I insert my 3mm T handle into the adjuster bolt. Feels stripped so I took a
>>wrench and tapped my 3mm from the top to get more hold. 2 taps later (not
>>rough) my 3mm goes down an inch.

to see if your wrench is in the adjustment 'socket' or in trouble,
remove the big black rubber intake boot with the wrench still in place.
  Gently lift the air plate with a nedle nose pliers, and the wrench
should lift up, too, about 1/2 as fast as the plate.  If it doesn't, it
is in the wrong place of some kind.

Huw Powell

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