3 List Code acronyms.

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-Scott in BOSTON

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Your Milage May Vary

See: http://www.isham-research.com/quattro/tla.html for others


83 UrQ someday soon
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> I'll admit it:
> Between YMMW and some others I can't sit silent anymore.
> I can decipher:
> (now my personal favorite) BFH Big F'n Hammer
> FWIW For What its worth
> WRT With regards to
> IC Instrument Cluster or Intercooler
> FLAPS Friendly Local Auto Parts Store
> and maybe Bernie will tell me T is Techron
> but can someone clue me into to what YMMV means?
> is it close to YRMV Your results might vary
> -TIA (thanks in advance) - Scott in BOSTON

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