q-list spam

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Jun 3 14:33:36 EDT 2003

My wife and my e-mail accounts experienced a huge increase in spam messages
after we joined Yahoo groups.  Both those accounts get quite different spam
messages than the e-mail account for two commercial websites.  The latter
account used to get way more spam than our personal accounts prior to our
association with the Yahoo groups.  We seem to get pretty similar spam in
our personal accounts.

At 11:56 AM 06/03/2003 -0400, Jon/Audi A4 wrote:

>Quick question.
>I have started to receive more and more spam to this email address.  I was
>wondering if others have seen the same thing. I can not blame it on
>audifans.com alone.  I also use this address on audiworld and Yahoo groups
>(VAG-COM) for all my audi/quattro related discussions.  I suspect that
>some spammer has dug through audiworld postings to find email addresses.
>Just wondering if others have seen a recent increase in spam to their
>audifans email address.  The good news is I just got my own spam killing
>software running on my domain, so it isn't too hard to hold down "D" and
>delete them all.

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