Le Mans 2003

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No, it wasn't an M3, it was the earlier M5 (not the most recent body).  The
one that had the wheels that made the tires look like they had white walls.
I will post a link to a pic if I can find one.  For some reason, I think it
was a pair too.  Just can't remember.

I know they opened to build the Z3, as many of friends and relatives work
there.  Of course, they're now busy building X5s and Z4s.  To tell you how
much the X5s are in demand, production people still cannot lease one.


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> At 5:25 PM -0400 6/3/03, Michael and Stacey Rollins wrote:
> >BMW of America gave at least one M5 to South Carolina to use as a Highway
> >Patrol car when they first built the plant in Spartanburg, SC.
> Actually, it was an M3- besides, the M5 wasn't in the US at the
> time(the plant opened to produce the Z3, to give you an idea of how
> long ago this was).
> I don't remember if it was one, or a pair.
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