q-list spam

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Jun 4 12:41:36 EDT 2003

At 5:03 PM +0200 6/4/03, Ero Rademer wrote:
>One of the reasons, you will be spammed sooner or later on your
>q-list email acount is due to the layout of the archives web

Actually, Audifans is so low-profile that many people never get spam
on their qlist account.  I used to run a separate account for
sending+receiving email related to the qlist and I never got spam on
it, period- well, actually, once in a while I'd get an offer to buy a
couple thousands metric tons of chinese steel, or chinese
windshields...seems one asian industrial company scanned the qlist
archives a while back and would send the most amusing spam every once
in a while.

Chances are you're getting spam because of someone else you gave your
email address to- like:

-an e-greeting site
-any of those "email this to a friend" systems
-job sites(Dice.com is particularly famous for selling addresses)


>One solution would be to hide (or better: remove) those email
>addresses from the web based pages

Doing that would make it impossible for members to contact posters
about emails in the archives.  We have a fair number of people who
read the archives daily instead of subscribing.  I strongly disagree
with destroying parts of, or modifying, the archives.  They are
historical records.

>but... I would prefer that over a solution with a more complicated
>"front end" for the archive. It's a mailing list, anyway..:)

Well, a "more complicated front end" is what's in the works- a
complete DB-backed mail archive.  It will, if it ever gets finished,
offer a vast amount of functionality- most importantly, better
searching.  Email addresses would be hidden unless you registered a
username+password for the system(we might even be able to sync your
mailman password to the archive PW).

>(Luxury version: Make an option in the list settings for the user
>so he can decide whether his e-mail is visible in the web-pages
>or not... Or couple that feature with the "Conceal yourself from
>subscriber list?" option).

Not possible, at the moment.  You're talking dynamic functionality,
from static content...

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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