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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Jun 5 14:04:11 EDT 2003

Marc Sims writes:
>   I was wondering has anyone on this list managed to do a V6 to V8 engine
> swap on a 80 or 90,  I've got an 93 80q 12v which I'm of the opinion is
> nowhere near as powerful as my old coupe's 10v.  Seeing that theres is no
> way I'd be able to physically fit a i5 engine into the compartment I'd like
> to know if sinking a V8 would be an option.
>   Looms etc are my biggest issue, i'm only a third rate car electrician.

The V6 should be more powerful than any normally-aspirated I5 engine.
It won't compare with a tuned I5 turbo, of course.

The feeling that the V6 is not as powerful may only be subjective...
it's quieter, smoother and the later car models have better sound insulation,
etc.  Have you actually done a 0-60 acceleration measurement and compared
the times?

Also the later models are heavier than the earlier so the engine is not
the only variable.

Swapping any other engine into your car is going to be a rather
involved surgery.  You'll probably spend more money doing that than
to just buy a similar year S2 or something (and that is a viable option
since you appear to be posting from either the UK or Europe).

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