012 tranny noisy in first gear...what to do?

Rokas Reipa rokas at wam.umd.edu
Fri Jun 6 18:23:41 EDT 2003

Hey all. Another problem i've been having ever since buying the car has been
a rather noisy first gear, once the revs reach about 2k rpm or so. It sounds
like a mechanical gargling/clattering sound and is emanating vaguely from
where the transaxle is. Someone has told me that my first gear is chipped.
What does one do in this case? I have tried changing the gear oil from
whatever was in there to redline mt-90; this quieted the chatter somewhat
but did not eliminate it. The sound also sometimes appears in reverse but
not as often. Is there a rebuild kit for this transmission out there? Or is
a better option to call up Force5 or somebody like that and get a used
tranny from another car? Any ideas? The car is a 93 100s 5sp non-quattro.
Thank you,

93 100s

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