Elgin reground cam for NF/NG

ben swann benswann at comcast.net
Fri Jun 6 21:56:28 EDT 2003


I had the opportunity to test out 2 cam grinds from ELGIN.  I will be
finding out how another grind works for the NA NG motor that is soon to
be installed in a 4kQ - that one is called the 270, but is really more
like most 272s.  It has to do with the way Elgin measures lift and

The turbo cams I tried were the 274intake/264exhaust with AFAIR .441
lift.  I felt the cam to be very nice and even the idle pretty good,
but wanted a tad bit more streetable and very smooth idle.  I sold that
cam to Mike Gough, so might ask how he likes it for the more drag type
application in his turbo syncro conversion.

The second more streetable cam was a 264i/254e and the lift was cut
down a little.  I experienced some oil blowby through the valve seals
(brand new) with the 441 lift.  The problem was eliminated with the
milder cam with less lift.  Even still, that cam coupled with the
rebuilt engine, ported/polished head, and hybrid turbo was a serious
revver even in the 5ktq avant.  The 264/254 had a bit more low end
torque that I needed for towing, yet would hit the rev limiter before
you could say 1st shift 1000 2nd shift 1000 3rd shift 1000, and hitting
4th like that would only be cause for loss of ones license on the

I definately recommend either of the cams - just determine how you will
use the car and get the grind that John at elgin works out with you.  They
can certainly do something even more radical, but the grind I got were
all I needed.

BTW, I could use another solid lifter cam as I hate to use the one in
the UrQ motor which I will likely want to sell complete (or keep for
posterity).  I will be using the motor I did for the avant, or rebuild
another equivalent for the Ur Quattro.



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Subject: Elgin reground cam for NF/NG

> Ben,
> Did you ever get a chance to really use that cam you had Elgin
> make for > you and if so, how did it turn out?  I remember way back
selling > you my > spare solid lifter cam for them to work with...
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