Wiring harnes swap for CIS-E3 (or other)

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Fri Jun 6 22:18:26 EDT 2003

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Ben, the entire harness goes behind the climate control and comes down
through the accelerator pedal bracket.  It can be removed in its entirety if you
remove the dash and climate control box, if you do not do this it will be a lot
more difficult to pull the big CIS ECU connectors behind this area.

The harness branches off to the fuse boxt with quite a large bundle of wired
and passes through the drivers side firewall.  It then integrates with all the
rest of the engine compartment wiring including the speed sensors, radiator
fan wiring, large power wire to the fuse box, etc, etc.  The best way is to
pull that entire harness out of the car and cut off all the sheathing, seperate
all the wires needed which shouldn't be too difficult to identify, and rewrap
the harness.  It really depends, the the ECU and ignition harnesses are NOT
seperate and it really is one big harness that goes to the engine compartment.

I recently removed all this wiring in my car since I'm no longer using any
factory engine wiring or control so I'm quite intimate with it all too if you
need to bounce some stuff off me.

The earlier cars certianly were much cleaner and less integrated, but the NG
system isn't too bad if you're not afraid to identify some wiring and know the
systems as well as you likely do.


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benswann at comcast.net writes:

> Huw,
> Were you able to remove the entire harness for the engine management.
> or did you have to cut somewhere.  If I recall some of the harness
> branches went behind the climate control box and was only after removal
> I was able to get it out.
> Also,  I thought someone had mentioned the CIS-E3 took the same MFTS as
> the MC/MAC-11, but when I did the layout the other day using 87.5 GT
> harness, the connector was the same as the 4KQ/GT sensor.  Are they the
> same sensor?  That is CIS E sensor is same as CIS-E3?
> Regarding the MC/MAC-11 harness, that will be installed in the Ur
> Quattro I just got.  So I'll have to be interfacing that with the older
> fusebox type wiring.
> I'm sure to be hounding you with more questions then.
> Ben

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