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Fri Jun 6 22:31:07 EDT 2003

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I used what I had in the shop.  Some NLA part from the rear bumper line of a
VW IMS.  The hot (cool) ticket is the Z34 Chevy vents.  Just FYI, my cuts were
without post paint.  A good excuse to buy that rotozip....

I also put those same vents on my 87 T44tqw, for more of both the urq and the
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And the last set went on my 87 4runner turbo.....


Scott J
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jeg1976 at yahoo.com writes:

I think it's time for some hood vents.  I just about
burned my hand when I leaned on my hood yesterday.
The area above the turbo is scary hot.  I've seen SJ's
install at

I think those look nice, and would be easy to install.
Anyone know where to get the vents, or have any other
suggestions?  I also like the Ford Cosworth vents, but
I guess they are hard to get ahold of.  The Subaru
vents may work well, but I'd like to stay away from


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