So what's the best way to release the AC Refigerant gas on a coupe quattro....

Dave C. conner at
Mon Jun 9 17:34:44 EDT 2003

Brett wrote...
"There is no 'best way'- there's only the legal and responsible way.
R12 is an ozone-destroying chemical(which is why it isn't made
anymore, so on so forth),"

The last time I checked (last year I think), R 12 was still being made and
used freely in much of the world where it still is relatively low cost
(India, Mexico, etc).  This really scalds me cause here we are going to
great lengths to protect the earth.  Same with DDT ... still made by
American owned companies, sold and used freely in Central America   I
believe this is true, but if I'm wrong I'd be happy to learn the truth.
Dave C.

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