bilsteins vs. kyb

Livolsi, Stephane Stephane.Livolsi at
Mon Jun 9 17:59:24 EDT 2003

I have the KYB's on the front of my 86 5ktq which is totally stock and daily
driver - no track or hard driving -Ok a little bit of hard driving, but just
a bit.

I'm quite happy with them - definitely better than the Monroe's that lasted
6 months.

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> Subject: 	bilsteins vs. kyb
> Hey everyone. The ride on my 93 100s has gotten beyond nauseating. Looks
> like it's time to do shocks/struts. I have always been a fan of bilsteins;
> two of our family cars have them and they're fantastic. However, with my
> student budget, I would almost need to get a small loan to be able to buy
> them...a set of four bilstein shocks/struts is 400$. However, a set of 4
> gr-2's is half the price. I can afford the KYB's. I cannot (yet) afford
> the
> Bilsteins. I want a firm ride that will last and I know bilsteins last a
> long time. Should I wait till I can afford bilsteins or should I go ahead
> and get the KYB's now? KYB's are supposedly manufactured using the same
> techniques/processes as bilsteins. Opinions? Thanks,
> Rokas
> 93 100s

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