PDK documentation on the S1

Dave.Eaton Dave.Eaton at clear.net.nz
Wed Jun 11 08:40:45 EDT 2003

pdk - "porsche doppel kupplung" - literally - porsche dual clutch.

you are right about the weight and complexity.

'01 s8

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>the pdk was originally developed by porsche for the 962 racecar.
>the pdk transmission is, like the dsg vwag one, a dual clutch, dual
>mainshaft transmission with each clutch specific to a mainshaft.
>porsche basically haven't known what to do with the pdk transmission.  in
>their thinking, it is not a manual, and it is not an automatic, and they
>haven't seen room for it in the 911 - although they are thinking of
>introducing one for the 997.

I seem to recall reading that their automatic-manual transmission,
developed many years ago, was scrapped because it was enormous,
overweight...and so complex in number of computers, actuators, etc.
that it was horribly unreliable...and impossible to even consider
having dealer techs attempt troubleshooting and repairs.

I don't recall any mention of dual clutches like the DSG, so perhaps
we're talking different transmissions.

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