Jaguar's XJ - lie in ads

David Eaton deaton at
Wed Jun 11 09:28:01 EDT 2003

i wouldn't expect to see rivets on the asf - as they were mainly used for
joining the body to the space frame.

'01 s8

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At the NYIAS they had a display of the new A8's space frame.  I dont
recall seeing any rivets on it at all, but then again I cant say I
specifically looked either. I did notice threaded bosses that had torx
like bolts in them at certain joints.. maybe this is what they are
calling rivets?

Dave.Eaton wrote:

>no, audi developed (and patented) a riveting process which didn't puncture
>the lower layer of aluminium - a self-piercing rivet used particularly for
>where the bodyshell joins to the asf - replacing the requirement to spot
>weld.  the main (asf) joins are produced using various forms of bonding and
>welding.  the riveting technique is reckoned 30% stronger than spot
>and had the additional advantage that it didn't encourage contact
>due to the absence of a puncture.

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