A/C refrigerants ... r-12 to r-134a or HC

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Wed Jun 11 00:29:42 EDT 2003

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  I have done a few R-12 to R-134a conversions.  Bought kits from the local
auto parts store.  You get in the kit I have purchased, a hose with a T-valve ,
a couple connectors (that screw on to your existing high and low pressure
ports), a can of lubricant/refrigerant, and a can of R-134a refrigerant.  The
connectors that screw on to your existing ones are important to the retrofit,
because the r-134a hose will not fit on the R-12 system without them.  It is
pretty straightforward, the instructions are clear.  Some systems require more
than 1 can of refrigerant, so look in your specs to find out.
Hope it helps!

Craig K. Porter
98 A4 Biturbo Quattro

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