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DAVID n LUCY S. dingodawgs at
Wed Jun 11 06:52:41 EDT 2003

Wanted to say thanks to all those that have already sent me emails and
welcoming me to the list as well as sharing some information.

I wanted to go a little more indepth on my background. I was teethed on the
draq strip. We were constantly at the track. My father is a mech. and worked
at a machine shop that also raced their own shop cars. I was brought up in a
shop and started to work on cars at a very early age. By the time I was a
teenager I had already rebuilt my first engine and automatic transmission by
myself. Before that time my father had me helping with motors, trannys,
rearends, etc. This continued until I left home at 19. I went to school and
became a Metrology/PME tech. During that time I was very involved with
aircooled VW's. I do all my own work minus machine work. During this same
timeframe I started to enjoy offroading more and then got involved with Land
Cruisers. Same story with TLC's. I can do anything needed myself and have a
habit of diving into projects, very goal oriented (which drives my wife
crazy). There have been several nights my wife has gone to bed... I have
completely rebuilt an entire vehicle in the garage only to have her come out
at 5am to find me under one saying "Im almost done honey.".  If I need parts
I buy them, if I need special tools I first attempt to get the job done with
something else. My last supervisor said I was very pit bull headed when it
came to special projects at work. My wife agreed after she read the copy of
my eval. He continued to use this in my evals up until the time I resigned
my position to return to college.
When it comes to a new vehicle I have no knowledge of Im not one to jump
into a project blind. I like to know exactly what I am getting into. What
the limits are of the vehicle, what can and can not be done with it, what to
expect from it... can it perform as I intend it to... etc...

I know that was a lot to read. I just wanted to assure people that I am very
capable of working on any vehicle. I like to do all my own work so I know
what has been done and to what specs. Plus it helps me know my own vehicle
and its limits. Only true expense would be for parts and any machine work
that I would need to farm out.

Right now I am looking at an 1984 Audi 4000S Quattro. According to the owner
the car is in very good shape. I checked it out and only the sunroof did not
work. I have the option to buy a second parts car of the same year. So far
the 4000S Quattro seems impressive. Would take some time to get used to the
body style for that year. I would like to build the vehicle as a weekend
warrior rally car. Do what I can as I go along. I do not expect the world at
this time. I have just returned to college so I no longer have the cushy
income. But I needed a change so I went back to school. Anyway I want to
have fun with this car. I also know with my current income Im not going to
have the ability to build a high power racing vehicle. But I would like to
be able to build something that is going to at least turn some heads and
make them think, "WoW! What kinda car is that?".
The car is going to be my DD. I am interested in tuning the suspension out
(within reason) for rally.
So I joined this list to ask for assistance. I know there have to be very
capable Audi tuners on this list. I know very little about Audi's. Im
willing to visit as many websites as needed to become more educated with the
series of Audi I am thinking of buying and investing in. I also look very
forward to listening to those that know these vehicles and helping me learn
about them. :o)

Anyway... as I have said to some of those that sent me private emails... Im
really not making any attempt to toot my own horn or come off the wrong
way... But some of the same things came up with mech. ability so I thought I
would make an attempt to lay that at rest.

Look forward to hearing what others have to say as well as their guidace.


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