roof rack options for 80/90 Audi

Steven Sprague ssprague at
Thu Jun 12 10:34:41 EDT 2003

Hey Ben,

Benjamin Weste Pearre wrote:

> I have a Thule rack, since my car has roof rails for which Thule makes
> a fit kit and Yakima does not.  That was a mistake!

I beg to differ.  Yakima has a fit kit for our cars (for mounting on the
roof), 200q (mine a 91), and Yakima does had special mounts for the
factory roof rails.  My fiance has the Yakima mounts on her Subaru Outback
factory roof rack.  Just like Thule.  They work great and don't slip.  I
believe that Yakima has a fit kit for the 80/90's which was the original
question.  The only difference could be is the clips.  My friend had a 90q
with the Thule roof rack, then moved it to his 90 200q with no problems.

REI would be a good source for information.


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