Circuit Diagram for '83 Quattro Coupe

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Thu Jun 12 14:12:38 EDT 2003

Thanks Steve,

I do have manuals for the '84 on.  I'll work with the '84 one as you
suggest.  So even with the older style fuse/relay panel, the
connections and wiring are pretty much the same?

I would like to find a decent layout or schematic showing the older
fuse panel/relay layout though, as it seems the relays and fuses may be
different, and I'd sure like to know the wiring in the block connectors
that plug into the back of the panel.


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... from my review, the wiring diagram in the 4k/Coupe Bentley shown as
being for the 1984 model (pages 97.66-97.79) is actually for the 1983
I believe there are other '83 ury owners who have confirmed this as
well ...

I know that you say you don't have a Bentley, but perhaps there is
someone in your area that has one you can look at.  You might also want
to check Phil Payne's urq website ... sorry, I don't know the URL ...

CIS power ... not sure what you mean, but from pages 97.66-67 ... the FP
Relay gets power from terminal "H" (12mm Red), this goes via a T2 to the
relay ... the line going to the fuse is a G/Y ... with the color
continuing after the fuse to the Fuel Pump, Aux Air Reg and CPR.  Power
to the ECU and FP Relay coil comes from fusebox terminal A11 (12mm BK),
and the spark coil gets power from fusebox terminal C15 (16mm BK).  If
your issue is that power doesn't seem to be making it to the fuel
pump ... look at the connector under the rear seat near the battery ...
this can get corroded and cause issues with fuel pump operation.  A few
ury owners have installed a relay and fuse in this location as a load
reduction relay ... you can't beat getting power directly from the
battery for the fuel pump.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> I don't have a Bently for this car yet.  Does anyone have a scan, or
> link to the circuit diagram of '83 Ur Quattro.  My manuals only go
back> to 1984 with their diagrams.
> A similar one from pre-84 4000 may do too.  I am trying to identify
> power to the fuel pump, CIS etc.]

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