Refrigerant and rebuilding AC (In defense of Durocool)

Joshua Van Tol josh at
Sat Jun 14 00:04:43 EDT 2003

On Friday, June 13, 2003, at 07:50  PM, Stephen Santoliquido wrote:

> You make a good point. I wouldn't relish the idea of being the subject
> of
> any highway pyrotechnics.
> But I can't think of a likely scenario that would result in rapid
> release
> into the passenger compartment (hell; I've never even seen an
> evaporator
> leak).

It does happen, particularly on higher milage vehicles. I've replaced
many leaky evaporators myself. Most evaporators are made of aluminum,
and if used enough will eventually develop cracks due to fatigue or
corrosion. Usually the leaks are relatively slow, but the potential
exists for them to be quite fast.

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