Gushing Resevoir 5000cs TQ Problems

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Wed Jun 18 10:02:50 EDT 2003

You have the famous "pentosin volcano" as documented in the archives of  The bubbles mean your pump is sucking air somewhere and
mixing it into the oil while pressurizing it.  Common air leaks are the
banjo fitting for the supply line and the seal around the shaft that gets
turned by the pulley on the front of the pump.  A new seal is included in
the package of O-Rings that makes up the standard reseal kit for these
pumps.  The Bentley describes pump resealing.

At 04:27 PM 06/17/2003 -0600, Jeffrey Holliday wrote:
>Hi it been awhile things were great.
>But today I went to lunch and noticed the steering was tightening up.
>I pulled away from a drive up atm and there was a puddle.
>I opened the hood and the reservoir was all wet and  was everywhere gravity
>took it.
>There is bubbles in the fluid , What little is left.
>the high and low press hoses are fine.
>is this the end of the pump?  the rack? But the rack is dry even at the
>is it bad fluid?  this stuff is not cheap.
>can I use some ATF fluid or hydraulic fluid?
>There was no strange sounds from the moving pump but recently there is a
>knocking sound when I turned the wheel.
>1987 5000CS TQ   146,000 mi
>Jeffrey Holliday
>Boulder CO
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