Circuit Diagram for '83 Quattro Coupe

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Jun 18 22:20:47 EDT 2003

> I have Visio, so will probably be able to read the file.

It's on its way over under separate cover...

> I had to use
> that in order to printout the multi-page gif and then had to tape
> together.

I open it in an image program and chuck a piece of 8x14 paper in the

> I am surprized at how good the wiring and the fusebox look - Once I
> removed a few cludges done to install aftermarket radio, etc.  I
> checked the condition of the bullit connector blocks and there were
> none of the types of burning or corrosion I've seen on some other
> cars.  Apparently the car has been spared from the ravages of sitting
> for 6 years, as interior was fairly dry and clean.  I know I'll want to
> swap out in the future, but want to square away other issues first.
> Did you redo/convert each wire in the harness to spade connectors, or
> actually swap out all the harnesses?

All I did was accumulate the parts.  My plan would have been minimal
splicing - ie, swap as many harnesses as possible.  When I did the dash
swap, of course, I had to splice all forty or so wires...

I repeat, you want more thna just the later fusebox, you *want* the
harnesses, they are much better.  Ever look at the evolution of those
little "AMP" connectors they use?  1st gen, nasty little things you need
a pick to separate.  2nd/3rd gen, they acquire a different lock that is
easy to undo, *and* internal seals so they stay clean.  And so on and so
forth... the later wires have nicer, thinner insulation, so they take up
a little less space...

Huw Powell

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