Server down? Help? Or should I just shut up and quit whining?

Robert Myers robert at
Sat Jun 21 16:05:02 EDT 2003

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Hi Y'all,

I haven't received anything from either the s-car list or the q-list for
two days.  For that matter I have received no mail at all addressed to my
<robert at> address.  I am able to send/receive mail from my alter
ego address <rmyers1 at>.  Is the audifans/s-cars server down?

I have tried to send myself a note using my address with
absolutely zero success.  However, I am able to both send and receive
through the Charter address so the ISP is working.  I have checked with
Charter to see if they have installed any spam filters or the like and the
answer was a negative so, they tell me, anything with s-cars in the header
is not being rejected as spam.  I can send mail to myself (via
without getting bounce messages but they don't arrive back to me at all.

If the server is down then I'll be patient.  If it isn't then there is a
problem somewhere.  I don't think it is at this end.  Meanwhile, I'm
undergoing severe withdrawal symptoms.  :-(

Please reply to rmyers1 at rather than the return address above
since I'm not getting mail at that address any longer, it looks like.


One nation, under surveillance. :-(

  Robert L. Myers  304-574-2372
  Rt. 4, Box 57,  Fayetteville, WV 25840 USA  WV tag Q SHIP
  '95 urS6 Cashmere Grey - der Wunderwagen   ICQ 22170244

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