AC tuning AC temp sensor Quick adjustment

Suffolk GameServer LAN at
Tue Jun 24 12:28:11 EDT 2003

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A Quick adjustment of the AC temp sensor an it works like it should have...

>Well, I have been watching this on the Audiworld forums since I saw David
ention it here, and had been meaning to do this.  After he mentioned that i=
t worked out well for him, I thought I'd give it a shot.

>I took my glovebox out last night, and gave the screw a half turn.  My
s had been around 51 or so, after a few minutes (134a converted, new dryer,=
 exp valve, and a compressor I resealed).  With a half turn, my vent temps =
dropped to about 48.
Went back and gave it another 3/4 turn.  Went for a drive then, and my vent=
 temps were fluctuating between 38 and 41 degrees.  I was tempted to leave =
it there, but the compressor was running at nearly 100% duty cycle during l=
ower speed driving, so I backed it out a bit.  I've now got temps hanging a=
round 45 degrees, which makes the car nice and chilly.

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