ABS Questions

Zaphod Beeblebrox zaphod at cansafe.com
Tue Jun 24 15:05:52 EDT 2003

During a recent rear wheel bearing change on a 1995 90Q, one of the ABS
sensors was damaged. A replacement has been purchased, but not yet
installed. I've never driven a car with ABS before so I don't have a lot of
experience with it. My sense is that without it I have better control under
hard braking. I don't do much hard braking, but when I do I want control.

I'm looking for feedback on the pros & cons of running the car without ABS.
I can see it being of much more value in the winter months than the summer.

In the 1 incident I've had, I tapped the trailer hitch of an SUV when I
didn't stop in time. It felt like I was sliding on marbles and I couldn't
believe that I wasn't going to stop in time. I truly believe (or at least my
ego tells me) that I would have avoided that incident without ABS.

ABS or not, that darn dash light has got to go. I'm off on an extended road
trip this week and I'd rather not look at that light for the whole trip. Is
there any quick & easy way to disable the light in the short term?

Thanks for any help.

Mr. Greville H. Bowles
RR 5, Rockwood, Ontario CANADA
Phone: (519) 856-0213
E-mail: zaphod at cansafe.com
'95 90Q
'85 245 DL
'83 GS650GL

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