so... need some assistance on the dash upgrade

Michael S. Williams mike at
Tue Jun 24 22:15:39 EDT 2003

so, apparently something did go wrong on the urq dash update...

the headlights do work correctly, thankfully...

the dimmer does not work... as soon as i turn on the key, the
interior lights go on, and the dimmer part doesnt work...

and somehow i really screwed up the emergency flashers...  there was
a pair of large gauge grey/blue wires going into the original switch
that i didnt see mentioned on huw's page... i thought maybe those
were for the instrument lighting, but i dunno...  the l,r,c wires
matched up correctly...  also, on the original switch, there were two
brown wires... i checked, and one tested as ground, and the other one
didnt... i left them both hooked up to ground, since ive never seen a
brown wire in an audi that isnt a ground... but i could be wrong
here...  there is some sort of buzzer that is sounding now, as well
as the fact that the turn signals, of course, dont work... ... ugh, i
dunno, i must have completely screwed this one up...

the defroster does work correctly, though... so, 2/4 switches do work... <sigh>

anyone have any tips on where to go from here?

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