Got an '88 80 4cyl for almost free, now what? Also 5ktq update.

Ti Kan ti at
Thu Jun 26 01:55:00 EDT 2003

John Forbes writes:
> ot this 80 4cyl autobox thing sitting here, and I'm looking at it, then at =
> ...
> 1) What exactly has to be moved arround to make an MC-1 fit? I have 3 spare=
>  MC-1s here, and enough accessories to do the conversion. Are then any reso=
> urces on conversion details arround?

To fit a 5 cylinder engine into a 4 cylinder car is going to be a real
PITA.  You should have started with a 80q or 90q to begin with if you
want to do an MC transplant.  The motor mounts, tranny, fuel and ignition
systems, and many other things are different, not to mention that the
radiator is in the wrong place.  Also, you really should have a quattro
to make the best of a high powered engine.

> 4) Whats the compression ratio on the 4cyl engine? Maybe if the 5cyl conver=
> sion is too much I'll just slap a turbo right on the 4cyl and give it a few=
>  tenths of a bar.

The 3A engine (the 2.0 4-cyl 8V in your car) has something like 10.5:1
static compression ratio.  Don't think that will take too kindly to
turbocharging.  That said, Alex Van Gerbig had done exactly that to
his 80 a couple of years ago, unfortunately the thing burned up in flames
only days after the turbo was installed.  It was determined to be an
electrical fire caused by melted wires near the hot exhaust and turbo.
His web site is and it
still has info on that car.

> 5) Am I crazy and should I just leave it be for a backup incase the 5k is a=
> part for some reason? Rephrased, are the 80s reliable enough to be truly de=
> pended upon as a backup car?

IMHO you should leave well enough alone.  Find a more appropriate car
for the big ambitious hi-power project.  If you must do something to
"spruce up" the 80, maybe consider a 5-sp manual tranny conversion.
That autobox really doesn't do the car or the engine justice.  Incidentally,
Alex V. Gerbig also did a manual tranny swap on his 80 too.  Other
than that, a good free-flowing exhaust system should unleash quite a
few ponies.  The engine is not too bad as it is.

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