New Vibrant Muffler Design Update

Dave Hord spokes at
Thu Jun 26 15:02:42 EDT 2003

Okay Audifans!!

They've finally arrived!!!

We have had stock on our 1134 mufflers for the past few weeks.  I've been
pretty busy with work and some vacation time, so I haven't had time to update
the list on the status.

Here's the information on the part:

Our part number 1134 is a UNIVERSAL MUFFLER without tips. It's designed to fit
as a rear muffler on a 4000q, 80q, 90q and urq.  It has a 2.5" inlet on the
side of the muffler can, and a single 2.5" outlet on the end of the muffler
can.  In order to have one installed on your car you will need to have custom
tubing bent to make an axle-back section.

A photo of the system can be found here:
(my web hosting is down for the week it appears)

I am going to take one of the 1134 mufflers and build a complete cat-back
system on my 4kq early next week.  I have the prototype on my 90q, but due to
it's other modifications it's not exactly the 'show-piece' kind of car!  I will
post photos of the entire exhaust system we build, so everyone can get an idea
of the work involved building a cat-back system.

I will do a decible level test of the system I build for those of you in
states/provinces where legislation requires you to be under a legal limit.  I
will not be dyno testing my I have no use for doing that with my
daily driver.  I _may_ do some runs with the GTech pro...but don't count on
it.  I will try and figure out a way to do a sound recording of the system.

Photos, Db test and sound (hopefully) will all be posted somewhere for listers
to see.  If anyone has webhosting that could support this, please contact me

*Group Buy*:  I'm working out the details. At minimum there will be a group buy
for these mufflers.  At best there will be a group buy on the entire catalogue
which includes resonators, tips, flex joints, catalytic converters, mandrel
bends and more.  Details will be coming out next week.

If anyone has any questions, be sure to copy my email address...I'm currently
only lurking on the list.


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