MC Master Cylinder heat causing brakes to apply.

Suffolk GameServer LAN at
Fri Jun 27 23:24:44 EDT 2003

Hey gang:
Today's episode. '91 200 20V Sedan.
I read about it this month and now I've felt it first hand on the central
artery in Boston.
Temp gauge said 97 and the car inched forward in traffic, but I didn't need
the brakes to stop.
The car would lurch to a stop like the brakes were firmly applied.
The car struggled in 1st gear at idle to move.  The engine "lugged"
Then it went away only to come back several 100 feet later.
The ambient temps in the tunnel went to 107. (FYI: coolant temp stayed at
half mark w/fan running)
Wow, this is Boston and we had the windows down as the
glass green house made more heat than the AC could cool.

So I pulled the trigger and abandoned the "stop and go" commute to the Cape
because of the dragging brakes.
I parked in our parking garage and let the vehicle cool.
Now down to 79 degrees.
With-in twenty minutes I could rock the car in neutral, where earlier it
wouldn't budge.
Quite an experience.
Any ideas on how to combat this?  Home made heat shield?
Brake flush with higher temp fluid?  Drive in the winter?
or am I looking to replace the MC?
TIA -Scott in BOSTON

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