TT brake fluid reservoir cap tightness

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sat Jun 28 03:02:31 EDT 2003

After teching a zillion cars at the q-club Lime Rock event, I noticed
something odd- every single TT that came had a loose brake fluid
reservoir cap; I could tighten it easily about a quarter turn or so.
The TT's were of all different 'vintages', from 2-3 years old to 2-3
weeks old...came from different dealerships, etc.

Not a single other Audi had such a condition, and I've got a
statistical sample of at least 50 Audis(of which there were maybe 5-6
TT's?), so there was at least some sort of trend going...

Anyone know if the caps are intentionally loose on TT's?  I can't
think of any other explanation...

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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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