1998 A6 braking shudder.

Greg Markov gregmarkov at cox.net
Sat Jun 28 10:11:40 EDT 2003

So, the car was at the dealers yesterday, and they said that the rotors
are "slightly" warped.  (And yes, I read the "warped rotors" myth
article - pretty interesting, but those are the words the dealer used).
  SLIGHTLY?!?!?  The thing shakes like CRAZY when you brake at highway
speeds!  They offered to grind the rotors for $250.  The cheap bug bit
me right then and there, and I decided to just do it myself.  Is this a
hard job?  I have done rotors on German cars a million times, I figure
this wouldn't be any different.
The pads are apparently fine, but the rotors are getting replaced.  I
have checked a couple of online stores, and I see that I can get a set
of front rotors for under $100.  But, I wanted to get the advice of
some reputable Audi parts places that you all use.  I know of a few
Volvo and Mercedes ones, but they aren't necessarily good for Audi.  So
... who is good?

Also, on a second note, they wanted $92 to fix the center cupholder (it
won't stay folded down).  It isn't covered under warrantee, and I
didn't want to spend that much on a cupholder!  From what I understand,
it's a pretty common problem.  Is there a common fix for this yet?  Can
I just buy the part somewhere else and install it myself?  I couldn't
figure out how it goes in there just by looking at it.

One more issue, the passenger visor is cracked at the part that snaps
into the clip on the roof.  The dealer wanted $120 to replace it.  Is
there a better way?

Thanks in advance,
Phoenix, AZ
1998 A6Q

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