Todd Young auditodd at attbi.com
Sat Jun 28 12:17:03 EDT 2003

The problem arises because they want you to wire them the excess money
as soon as you deposit the check (see below the dotted line, excerpted
from original message). So you deposit the check, wire them the excess
money, and then the check either bounces or is a fraud. Either way, you
are out a LOT of money.

Walk, no RUN away from any deal like this.

Livolsi, Stephane wrote:
> I've seen this before, and obviously something is hinky, but what?  Where's
> the risk if they mail you $6000, you cash it and make sure it clears, then
> send them back the $3800?
> unless maybe you end up in the middle of an international money laundering
> ring......with some rather unsavory characters visiting you....ok, probably
> best to walk away...
>>shipping company and my commision back to my client through money gram
>>or western union money transfer method as soon as the check is
>>cashed and you deduct the money fo r the sales of your car ?

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