Ebay.de and dealing with problems

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If you haven't yet, you should act quickly to use the Ebay insurance claim.
The Ebay.de insurance has a narrow window for the claim request. So, have
everything ready to send the claim on the first possible day.

Also, if you are patient enough you can have the negative feedback removed if
you prove yourself right.

Good luck,

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>Subject: Ebay.de and dealing with problems
>Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 12:46:03 EDT
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>Just an FYI for all those seeking good deals with Ebay.de.
>I purchased a set of V8 eurolamps from a vendor (KRULL77) on Ebay.de about 2
>months ago. They finally arrived and low and behold one of the lenses was
>busted. the lamps were just thrown in a big box with a few pieces of crumpled
>newspaper, very poorly packaged. I contacted the seller to make a claim and
>all communication ceased. I left neutral feedback, and a few days later he
>negative feedback.
>So if you think your getting a good deal from Ebay.de think again. I got the
>lamps at about half new prices, but after new lenses (both were pitted badly)
>I'll be getting by with about 3/4 the price of new. Then there is the
>possiblity that you may never get the items that you purchased which has
>happened too.
>On another note, I have gotten a few good deals from people on Ebay.de, as
>always buyer beware!!!

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